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A new, more modern neck for ye olde '62RI strat.
2 25.00%
A reverb pedal for ye olde pedalboard
0 0%
A nice practice amp for toting around to small jam sessions
1 12.50%
something else entirely
3 37.50%
Rob Option
2 25.00%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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If you only had a couple hundred bucks to spend.....
Is that a tele headstock neck?
Schecter headstock. It's sorta tele-like but not all the way.
Neck. Vintage frets are awful, 7.25" radius is awful. The two together equal a guitar I'd rarely play.

What about getting the existing neck planed flatter and refretted? I know the cost would be similar to a new neck, but you said you love this one. The new one might not be as good.
yeah the neck was a good idea. Especially considering the deal I got on it.

But I'm likely gonna just use it on my tele build and leave my strat stock. I thought of re-radiusing and refretting it, but man, around here, it'd cost more than it would to just get a new neck. Like $350-400+

For that money I could just get a new USACG neck custom built to my specs and slap that on, and still have cash left over for hookers and blow.
All in all I don't mind the 7-1/4" radius and small frets. Action only has to be slightly higher.

My favorite guitar has a 16" though. huge grin

My big pet peeve is necks with sharp shoulders. Like my Smith era Strat.
Listless Vessels!

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