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Proteus build thread (uber-tele)
(04-21-2015, 10:47 PM)kinnikuman Wrote:

[Image: image.jpg]
I got in some ash veneer last night. I'm definitely gonna use some of it to get the neck pocket nice and snug. At the moment the neck itself has a bit too much play in the neck pocket.

2nd use is potentially for the control plate. I still haven't decided what exactly i'm going to do for that.... But i kinda wanna stick with the chrome plate so that it at least will match the bridge.

Decisions decisions.... And i should by all rights be starting the top carve next.
Who wants a shot of all the parts going into this monster?
(04-25-2015, 11:32 PM)CTN Wrote: Who wants a shot of all the parts going into this monster?

I do chap
Ask and ye shall receive.
[Image: e53fbaa4e0afe6df4c511c6f4eec1d20.jpg]

Grover mini rotomatics
Graphtech tusq 42mm nut
Stewmac vintage tele bridge
Stewmac compensated brass saddles
0.022 uf orange drop tone cap
Stewmac treble bleed
500k and 250k alpha pots
Dimarzio Pre B-1 bridge pickup
Dimarzio vintage minibucker neck pickup
Switchcraft jack
A badass korean built 3-way switch that imo is better designed and more robust that the oak grigsby or CRL switches.
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You are aware that Proteus is the name of a bacteria that causes urinary tract infections right?
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Alas, before that, it was the name of a greek oceanic deity, a.k.a. The old man of the sea. Seeing as this is a tele (old ass design) and will feature a caribbean sea burst, i thought the name fit well. But by all means, please feel free to associate it with my death metal side project, Gorebladder, if you must.
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Did some things today. Started on my finalized test piece for the finish and drilled the neck for mounting holes. Also shimmed the side of the neck pocket so the neck is now snug as a bug in a rug. This pic is while i was setting up the neck in the pocket for ideal string spacing, and before i had drilled the neck mounting holes.

[Image: 8822d9d38c69c96ca085facdf2faf8d6.jpg]

As you can see i redesigned the carve contours and decided to go semi-offset for the highest part of the carve topography. I am not happy with the shape of the lower horn carve at the moment. Gonna have to redesign that.

Also got this in... (decal)
[Image: ba78615dbdd27ffaf1abe230218e1501.jpg]
Dunno what i was thinking with those other carve designs. None of them looked particularly good. This is pretty much final now though.

[Image: 9db1f174987d52dbf14caf75a605d8a0.jpg]
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And the final test piece

[Image: a739173f5245667c6b5ae1979f2b3f21.jpg]
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