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Proteus build thread (uber-tele)
I don't know how I missed this before, but I wholeheartedly support what's going on here.

[Image: Borat-VeryNice.gif]
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Glad you like bro.

Here's where i'm at right now. Sanded up to 180 grit. Still gotta go up to 800.

[Image: 103c4466d54a74f811a64394a47da706.jpg]

[Image: e322c90a45442e6a03d2ea5ce123594d.jpg]
And 220. Won't look much different from here on, until i start putting on colour.

[Image: 82a4a96856fb04b02fe07d1b92d3ba2e.jpg]
[Image: f973156e47f4e8b9e582ff25064626c3.jpg]
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Looks like there is a ripple around the raised jack portion on the top? Lot of work to get this far , great job !
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Thanks bro. I shall inspect it closer tomorrow in broad daylight, but that might just be a camera trick played by the grain pattern.
Does that thing have a butthole I can lovingly tongue-caress?
Butthole no. Jackhole, yes.

[Image: 6f51b0a56dbe4e489dc3b4cf04d67a0c.jpg]
Ok. It's colour time bitches.

Starting with the back cuz it's easier

[Image: 5364cf07170e5d721b576b01312f9928.jpg]

oh. So this is going to dry for a good few days, then I will flip it over and apply colour to the front.

Then that will dry for a good few days too.

Then I will come in with day after day of tru-oil applications.
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That looks really fucking good.
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