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I would love the chance to beat the shit out of this guy.
The mother is a piece of shit also for letting this happen.

" No longer available "
Here it is
yep, scum.
Quote:The California man who was caught on tape walloping his young son inside a convenience store claims that the violent incident was a “misunderstanding,” adding that his critics can “all ride the dick of hate because the truth comes out in the end.”

Justin Whittington, 23, was arrested Friday on a felony child cruelty count for punching his son Jeremiah in the face inside the Vest Market in Bakersfield. Originally locked up on $1 million bail, Whittington was released from custody Saturday when his bail was cut to $20,000 after the criminal charge was reduced to child endangerment.

Seen above, the video shows Whittington knocking the boy off his feet with a blow to the head. A second clip shows him grabbing the child’s shirt at the neck and lifting him up in the air. [Note: The clip’s narrator uses some NSFW language.]

I'm with you Bruce.

That's the kind piece of shit I'd have little trouble bludgeoning to death in the next aisle over.
So what's this assholes story?

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