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Easy fix for the bright cap debate on a DSL.
After selling my Pittbull, I decided to finally jump on the Marshall bandwagon. I figured the easiest and cheapest way in to the Marshall world was the DSL.

I've spent countless hours hearing people argue about clipping the bright caps on these. So, I decided to do what no one else seems to have the sense to do.

I added a switch between the stock 470pF cap, and a 100pF cap (C12 or C19 depending on the model), on the Ultra channel.

With the 100pf cap selected, the ultra channel is a lot more usable at lower bedroom volumes and it evens out more with the classic channel, but once you get the volume up a bit, the amp gets a little muddy. That's when you switch back up to the 470pF cap.

I would recommend this mod to anyone who owns an older or newer DSL. It makes the ultra gain channel usable, and if you don't like the 100pf cap, just flip the switch. It's worth doing, and only takes 15 minutes max. 10 of those minutes are removing the chassis and putting it back in the head shell.

The picture I have is too big to upload on here. I'll get one up soon.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
Amazing what a capacitor value can do.
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