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Eek! Really?
I think y'all have a few loose bolts. Can we just steer ourselves back on topic? Seriously, the key puns can only go on so long before we all run out of gas.
You're on fumes yourself... :p
Listless Vessels!
I think he's wheel nuts...
I'm glad so many of you are getting a charge out of my trials and have decided to jump in this discussion, even though it feels like battery.

My feelings seem to be on opposite poles.

I appreciate your posts.

At least the forum gods have not decided to clamp down on our cell.
Because I said so. 
I find it wheely moving that you are not trailing around with a load of negativity, that these views mirror yours, as to some indications by you.
At least no one blew the hose yet! Whew!
Listless Vessels!

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