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New 3d card and power supply
My friend came over on the weekend and we got smashed and installed some trick bits into my pc. I always assumed my pc was a pos but apparently its decent enough to run most games.

All i have left to upgrade is the cpu to a i5 or similar and windows 7 then i should be able to play carmageddon reincarnated.

We ran some UNIGINE app to test the computer and it can run everything on max with no flaws and the card only at 70 temp so..............sweeeeet
Specs.. we need specs.
MB gigabyte h61m,graphics radion amd 6850, 4gb ram, antec power supply.

Nothing special but it turns out the mainboard is decent enough and it supports up to i7.
Put a quad core or more in it. Double your ram. How big is the hard drive ?
Here are my options

Yeah i will ram it up soon as i have 64bot to support it. I have 2 500gig hdd onboard and many externals. But the good news is i can now put more in the tower thanks to the power supply.

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