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Please Help A Computer Idiot With A Web Surfing/Recording Desktop
So, I've got a desktop back up and running here at the house so that I can fart around and surf the web a little. However, I really really want and need to get back into recording......BAD!! I've been looking around lately for a desktop computer that will help me with the recording, as well as allowing me to mess around on the net as well. I'm not looking to spend a ton of money, because honestly, I don't want to nor think I need to for my purposes.

I've always done all of my recording on my ole trusty Roland VS-1880 (which I love), but it's not only outdated, but somewhat of a pain as well. About a year or two ago I bought a Tascam US-800 for next to nothing on a Stupid Deal Of The Day. I figured it was good enough for me, and what I plan on doing recording wise. However, it's probably already outdated as

So, I guess my question is this. How well do you think this computer would do to fit my needs with the web and recording? Once again, that's really all I need from it. I'm not looking for something to help me make grammy award winning records, nor fire a missile from an orbiting satellite.

and here's the description and specs for the Tascam:

And if the computer only lasts a couple of years or whatever, that's fine with me.

You really don't want a refurbished computer with DDR 2 RAM to use for anything
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Why is that? I know nothing.
When you are doing music it is good to have as much good high speed RAM as possible. A really cheap POS like that is not what you want to use. The better a machine you buy the longer it will last and if you buy one that is upgradeble you can just add newer parts to it and keep it forever. Everyone will tell you to get a Mac here is an example of a lower end one That is a thing most people use for music. I prefer Windows now but no telling how much longer that will last. Here is a fairly standard gaming PC without a monitor Just do some Google searches for computers for recording music and spend some time reading , if you want to do this right it will take a pretty big learning process.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
That interface should be fine but the PC is old and slow by current standards. It's a seven year old PC and in the computer world things have changed vastly in that seven years. As Oinkus says, the Ram it uses is old and outdated and would be hard to get if you wanted more or it fucked out.
Apples are even more restrictive than PC's for variety so I'd stick with a PC. There's a lot more software and hardware available for PC these days and the Apple Mantra for Recording is out dated.

Look for a PC that has around a 3 giga Hertz. CPU speed, supports multi core [ even if it's only a dual core ]
and runs DDR3 Ram.
lol...I didn't realize it was 7 years old. Thanks fellas.
A bit older actually.
Quote:We tested Dell's OptiPlex 755 Mini-Tower ($1272 as of 9/12/07)
- -
lol....damn. I told ya I was a computer idiot. Thanks!!

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