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Hey, Kinni
Your guitar body carving jobs are awesome.  I was thinking about possibly maiming one of my guitars with some custom body art.  Surfing the www, I found this nifty little toy.  (You'll shoot yer eye out, kid!)

What do you think?  Would it be feasible to etch a design into a guitar using a digital laser cutter?
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I dont know bro i haven't had anything to do with those, But i imagine it would be shitty wok.

I guess it depends on the job too but Dremel/chisels is the go. I will investigate them today and come back with more knowledge.

If you let me know what ideas you have i can tell you what way i would go about doing it.
Fuck it would be awesome for inlays.
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I have the laser engraver kit coming on the slow boat from China (literally), so I'll let you know when I've built it and run a few pieces of scrap wood and/or MIC ESPs through it. Should be fun to smell the burning poly.
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