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NPD Crybaby Classic GCB-95F
Well, thanks to an unexpected gig coming up on the 10th I had the pleasure of justifying the purchase of a new wah pedal. From 2007 until I moved here in 2013 I was using a Snarling Dogs Blues Bawls wah. The Snarling Dogs pedal was actually really good except it constantly needed adjustments so the pedal would stay suspended. It had some other real minor problems but for the most part I really liked that wah. Anyway, it was a real heavy and clunky SOB so I opted to sell it rather than bring it here with me.

So, today I began my search for a wah pedal as I will need it on a few songs at my gig. I looked at the very limited options I had between the music stores close by to me and found this little gem. I have only had time to play a few songs on it as I just got home and am about to go out for my nightly run; however, this pedal is the sound I was looking for and needed. So, here are the few things I've noticed so far:

True Bypass
Vintage wah tone
Plays real nice with my Big Muff Pi
Red Fasel inductor inside
Works with my daisy chain Godlyke power supply

Short pedal travel distance = quick and abrupt changes compared to the Snarling I was used to. That being said, it still has the full range of tone I was expecting so this should only take me a few days to get used to.

I was hoping somebody stocked the new mini crybaby from Dunlop to check out/consider but this is the only true bypass wah that was available around here. So far I am very happy with my purchase and I can't wait to get more play time on it when I get back from my run.

Wah in peace
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