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DR Strings PROPS!
Shit, I have guitars with strings older than some of your children on em.

I need to get on that shit
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
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I liked them when they were good, but I had way too many dead/weird strings out of the box.
For simple great strings out of the box, I have literally never had a bad set of Dunlop strings. I used their Heavy Core strings for a long time. I've had bad sets of D'Addario's, Ernie Balls, GHS (I had a set of Boomers go bad in like a friggin week one time with a light amount of play time), Elixers, etc...

Other than the a good set of Elixirs, the Dunlop Heavy Cores lasted the longest with Ernie Ball Cobalts in second place (though a little too bright for me personally).

The brand I bought for my baritone is Kalium strings. They have two things going for them: They sound great, and you can get pretty much any custom set you can imagine. (The latter is what attracted me to them in the first place) they aren't that expensive either, especially for what you get. I'll probably review them at some point down the line.
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