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Shinobi update and advice.
Hey my loves! I got all the parts glued on and everything seems solid and goodly good.

My problem is i think the maple fingerboard is to light in colour and may distract the eye from the focal point. I am considering staining it lightly in a black dye but just enough so the grain shows through and its more of a grey. thoughts? 

[Image: IMG_1453.jpg]
Here is a better older pic....[Image: IMG_0794.jpg]
It might look a bit bright now but over time and with lots of use a worn maple neck would look awesome on that body. The way maple darkens and turns almost black with heavy use would look kind of badass.

I am not sure about the staining. Maybe you could make a mock neck out of some shittier maple and stain it so we can see how it might look.
[Image: 4c2c05e7977226ab020900b644e13ca9.300x300x1.jpg]

[Image: match-lighting-670x445.jpg]
Someone should put that in their signature…
You gotta darken it somehow.

Test the dye and see how it looks
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
i did do a test. but only on some shitty ply.
How did it turn out?
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
fine i will go take pictures.
I did do a small section of the mapes.
[Image: IMG_7570.jpg]

And the ply
[Image: IMG_1109.jpg]

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