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Shinobi update and advice.
(06-21-2015, 04:55 PM)kinnikuman Wrote: Its not really an option now. I could recess the washer in the wood as another option
Yup recessing could look cool and it would also introduce a bit more of an angle for the strings over the nut
(06-21-2015, 04:58 PM)CTN Wrote: Yup recessing could look cool and it would also introduce a bit more of an angle for the strings over the nut

Wrong. Because the machine head housing would stay the same. ffs man think about shit :toast:
Oops. Allergy riddled brain has not been in a very good thinking mode lately.

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I got all the frets hammered in today.

[Image: IMG_6414.jpg]

[Image: IMG_5335.jpg]
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Fuck yeah man! Almost time to break that fine bitch's cherry
I am still waiting on heaps of small parts. I am direct mounting the pickup via some knurled brass inserts.
Fuck the pickup inserts are the wrong size. sigh

And i need to make a custom nut for this guitar. It turns out i made a rather large booboo when planning the neck. Anyway it just means i will need to make a nut with 33mm string spacing. Oh the pitfalls of weed building.....scale length check...phew ha

Its a bitch because i hate making nuts and i much prefer the abm height adjustable nuts.. Not to worry i will use the one i have on my other project ''The full deadly 37''
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Whatcha making the nut out of?

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As frustrated as you are Raph, hang in there. You are on the verge of a badass masterpiece. You'll figure it out and get what you need to finish it.
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CTN da - bone. I had a dr parts blank one here so i am using that,

I am rounding off the fret ends instead of beveling and it is taking up heaps of time. The SS is incredibly hard to work with.

Thanks snake. I know it will shine....

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