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Dr. Veg, Falbo, any other Ibanez nerds, get in here.
A friend of mine has an old Roadstar II. RS410 to be precise.

It needs a floating trem. What are his options?

Floyd rose? Edge-something-or-the-other?
Derp…  I don't know.  I'm more of a fanboi/collector, so I don't usually replace anything on a vintage Ibby except maybe the pickups.  But I will never replace the pickup in either of my RS315's - that thing roars.

Unfortunately, those old bridges fetch some stupid money for whatever reason.  (So do the "V" strap buttons.)  A couple years ago you could scoop up the whole guitar for about the same amount, but these seem to have gone back up in value.  Don't know how easy it will be to fit something else on there, though, as I've never tried.

I would probably camp out on ebay to jump on the first parts guitar that came along.  Your friend could probably recoup the price of the parts guitar just by selling off any redundant hardware.

I did find this quote from a good friend of ours, way back in 2006:

Quote:I love them, but today they suffer a little from bad bridges. They aren't garbage, but the designs were a little primitive, and they look dated. None of those designs caught on, and they changed them a lot. So you really have a non-standard bridge that can't be replaced with anything else unless you route and fill/redrill studs. They always had great Gotoh tuners, and the pups are usable, but very average. A Japanese Roadstar with some Duncans makes a great guitar.

Sorry I can't be more help.  Hopefully an expert will be along shortly...
Someone should put that in their signature…
Just measure the post spacing and see if theres anything on the market that will fit.. You will have to replace the studs and anchors.
Bump for frank if he has anything to add
Frank and beans
Those Pro Rocker trems are fucking junk. Flannel's in a similar situation with his. The baseplate's just thick pot metal and has warped, making it nearly impossible to get a decent action out of it, nevermind that the knife edges are completely gone and it won't come back to anything remotely close to zero. Go for a OFR, some kind of Edge, a Gotoh, or a Takeuchi TRS-101, all of which are going to need the bridge studs moved. Even with all that, there's the issue of the behind the nut string lock, which is also a terrible design.
Did it have the ProRocker or the Edge?
you tell me...

[Image: 11209472_426182750903088_318484759377443...a1pbms.jpg]
[Image: 11426469_422880854566611_2103760540_n_zpskfy7akmu.jpg]
[Image: 11541246_422881067899923_2012726531_n_zpsoqcdbtj1.jpg]
[Image: 11642087_422881071233256_1664210583_o_zpsqsfiqvep.jpg]
so i guess we're probably looking at a fill/redrill n everything eh?

what a nuisance.

Stupid Ibanez. Why can't they just use standardized hardware like the rest of the damn industry.
Sucks, don't it?
Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 

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