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FS: Fulltone OCD v4 & Boss/Monte Allums GE-7 EQ
Selling these cuz they didn't pass the auditions as i was building my new pedalboard so instead of leaving these in my box of unused pedals I figured it's better that they go to someone who'll use them.

Prices are USD payable by Paypal and include shipping anywhere in North America.

Fulltone OCD v4 $110

[Image: cfb43f38cd7b79ab856af1f59c8bd149.jpg]
[Image: 3df2f60e45fabe5bb289cb4b8d94852b.jpg]

Boss GE7 with the Monte Allums mods to make it more hifi with wider dynamic range and less background noise. $80

[Image: 5605177c5bb3a82a0a2e43be22f004c2.jpg]
[Image: 6d4f5e0de72b491402d0a95aa5e8657d.jpg]
No interest?

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Can you do the eq in yellow?
Sorry to be that douche, but my tone doesn't need any sweeping.


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(05-06-2015, 11:27 AM)youngthrasher9 Wrote: If it came down to it, I might suck dick for my family.

Trade you a duncan designed pickup set for the eq pedal?

One of the black bobbin covers has cracked and broken off but it could easily be repaired.
Raph, I tell you what. you put that pickup up your arse, and leave it there for a fortnight.

when you eventually poop it out, if your rectum hasn't split wide open and you aren't bleeding profusely out your anus, then maybe i'll consider it.

most likely though, this will be you:

Can't say I'm in the market for either of these pedals at the moment. I will try to pass some word along to some of my North American friends.

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