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Check This Out.
Listless Vessels!
That is pretty interesting that he thinks EVO is as hard as Stainless and lasts as long. I will talk to the fret doctor and see how he avoids that issue but have no idea why you would put different kinds of fretwire on the same guitar besides being cheap.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
If the evo is easy on the tools how the hell can it be as hard wearing as the ss? It sounds impossible. I don't have any experience with it.
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Properties of materials? To some extent, materials can be chosen and or treated to exhibit certain traits.

While he only has seat of the pants experience - its more than I have. I don't think EVO not as hard as stainless, but hard enough to exhibit some some or most of the benefits of stainless (long wear).

I've heard of the idea of installing stainless on the 1st few frets on acoustic guitars - its a way of avoiding wear issues in that area, Not so much being cheap. I've always been told that its all in the prep work. Better prep work and better materials = less leveling.

The point here is now I see why some people might not like stainless. Probably not the only reason, but to each his own. It would not stop me.
Listless Vessels!
I will try that evo stuff myself soon. I have this other build that's almost up to the fretting stage.
Fuck that. Stainless on everything that needs a refret from now to the day I die.
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I'm a SS man myself
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(07-02-2015, 09:53 PM)Snake Aces Wrote: I'm a SS man myself

New gloss: Sturmbannfuhrer.

Edit: nah...Unterfuhrer! Lol
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Germany may invade Greece soon so yeah.

Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
Well - I guess its all good. Jescar is German, so ...
Listless Vessels!

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