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New 'Fender' Monotone Bass.
[DreX] There is no correlative evidence to support the insinuation that a plastic bucket produces any worse tone than the porcelain or zinc plated washtub. Why hasn't Fender published the material composition of these materials, and why aren't they public. If they price these at such different levels that quality standard differences are implied, it should follow that the relative tonal differences also correlate to the price. However, without the internal specs being publicly available, I doubt that there is any significant difference. Perhaps a chart illustrating the frequency responses of the various materials should be made available to the public by Fender. [/DreX]
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Please tell me you're just being cheeky and that is not an actual quote.
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We need graphs!

Does it only come fret less?
Because I said so. 
I believe, for a small fee, they can install the fret size of your choice.

[Image: round_wire_nails-build-with-me.jpg]
Can I get galvanized frets?
Because I said so. 
May cost extra.
Will there be a "Mustang" Edition?

Of course, made with a real Ford Mustang fender.
Listless Vessels!
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What's the case look like?
(07-23-2015, 08:00 AM)Jolly Wrote: What's the case look like?

[Image: latest?cb=20150118190827]

No word yet if that will be available in Tweed.
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