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Continuing to de-mystify the 'Mystic':
This time we take a look at the 'Legendary' book from ancient Egypt, (which some claim will grant magic power) 'The Book of Thoth'; which you can read by following this link.

[Image: fa665412e828de5d9b0d34ea269ff4d7.jpg]
I'm not too shocked by this. Thoth was obviously pretty intelligent but not so sure about magic and such though. I used to read a lot about this kind of stuff and the emerald tablets, etc. I have many of my own theories and it's fun to use the imagination in some cases but I believe if we had the full knowledge of history almost everything would have a pretty logical explanation (even if some of those explanations would seem illogical at first).
God said "hold my beer." And there was light. And it was good.
Someone should put that in their signature…
Quote:" Even well known ‘mystics’ such as Alistair Crowley claimed to draw power from the writings found in the Book of Thoth "

I would dispute this contention.  Crowley wrote a book titled " The book of Thoth " .
The Book of Thoth : A Short Essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians  - - It has nothing related to spells etc in it, it a book about the Tarot and it's philosophy.
Crowley authored several books, and is one of the authors who produced a pseudo Book of Thoth.

Over the course of his life Crowley made many claims, and was one of the best known mystics (at the time) who pushed the Egyptian mysticism craze which swept through Europe at the end of the eastern Napoleonic campaigns.

When people learned about the Book of Thoth Crowley was all over the idea and one of the many mystics who made claims to the books power.

IMO - Alistair Crowley was a brilliant self promoter, con artist and entertainer; but not much more.
The tarot (as we know it) was a by product of a blending of Egyptian mysticism and a parlour game popular among the French.
(07-23-2015, 02:54 PM)johnjohn Wrote: The tarot (as we know it) was a by product of a blending of Egyptian mysticism and a parlour game popular among the French.
Once again ,I would dispute this modern day contention.
Then you'll want to keep your eyes on the homepage.
I used to refer to the " Book of Thoth " as the " Book of Socks ". huge grin [ youthfull sarcasm ] I'll get back to you on this.
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