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Cable modem issue
I have a Cisco DPC3825 modem/router. 

We have had an intermittent problem over the last couple of months. The wireless connection will drop inexplicably. 

My PC connects wirelessly. The PS3 connects via Ethernet cable. 

The PC will drop the signal and I have to use the connection "diagnose problem" command to get the connection restored. Usually this works. 

Today, my network is not showing on the connection choices. The modem shows the wireless light as green, but the network is not available. It doesn't show up for my phone, either. 

I've reset and rebooted the modem to no avail. I just ran spyware software on the PC, but the only threats detected were the standard tracking cookies. 

HELP!  What else can I check?

PS:  I called the ISP a couple of weeks ago. They sent a technician, but when he arrived the network was operating fine. 
Because I said so. 
(07-22-2015, 06:53 PM)LesStrat Wrote: Cisco

There's your problem!  huge grin

You wouldn't have access to a 2nd PC (Hopefully something similar)? - something that connects wirelessly.

Might also be some interference - try changing the channel on the AP.

Would the Cable co consider swapping your Modem as a goodwill measure or do you own it?
Change the channel on the AP?

They might swap it. I'm trying to trouble shoot before making that frustrating phone call.

The PC won't bring up the modem page.
Because I said so. 
That's weird. I was picking up a network named 153f3e With a strong signal. I decided to unplug the modem to see if that network disappears. IT DID. How did this silly thing rename itself and change the password? I tried using my password and it did not match.

Because I said so. 
The goofy thing reset to factory settings.

Now I'm trying to set up the network again. Stupid modem.

I had to hard wire the PC to set it up again, but now the network is running.

That does not explain why it went down.

Technology is wonderful...when it works.
Because I said so. 
The power shut off I would bet , you wouldn't have to notice it either.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
I had the same problem the router was too close to the wireless devices and the wifi signals were blocking the router signal. I moved the router to a different room and no more problem.
It's across the living room from the PC.

Apparently in moving everything around while working on the wifi I managed to unplug the HDMI from the TV. I got a text today saying that the TV wasn't working. I had to pull everything out against to track it down. Thankfully it was a simple fix.

Wifi is still up.
Because I said so. 
The stupid wireless link went down again today. I had to reset the modem to restore it.
Because I said so. 
Wonder if the ISP can retrieve the logs when your wireless crashes?

Probably easier to swap.

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