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Eagles fans named the most hated in the NFL
Eagles fans named the most hated in the NFL

Philadelphia sports fans are a self-loathing bunch. We can't stand ourselves half of the time, so it's no surprise the rest of the world hates us. Now Sports Illustrated has given as a crown.

According to an article on SI focusing on the villains of the league, Eagles fans are the most hated fanbase in the entire NFL, somehow even besting the very hated Dallas Cowboys fanbase.

Here's how they describe the cheesesteak-eaters in Philly:

It all started in December 1968, when those disenchanted fans of the Eagles sitting at Franklin Field decided that the best way to unleash their invective was to hurl snowballs at Frank Olivo, a 19-year-old man who stepped onto the field in a Santa Claus suit. The fans were disgusted because the then-lame franchise was winning too much at the end of the season—winning their way right out of the derby for USC's O.J. Simpson, who went to Buffalo as the first pick in the 1969 draft. Philadelphia took defensive back Leroy Keyes (who?) with the third pick, leaving Joe Greene on the board for the Steelers with the next selection.

In 1998, the team installed a jail in the bowels of Veterans Stadium and hired a judge, the delightfully-named Seamus McCaffery, to preside over the rowdiest of an infamous bunch. And in 1999, several of Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin's teammates were understandably distressed when they thought Eagles fans were booing the future Hall-of-Famer as he lay on the field with the neck injury that ended his career. In truth, the fans were booing Deion Sanders, but the fact that they cheered as Irvin lay on the field motionless tells you all you need to know. Every fanbase is unfortunately defined by the minority who do stupid stuff like this, but it seems that Eagles fans are more defined than any other group. —DF

Eagles fans join the New England Patriots, Johnny Manziel, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick as the most hated things around the NFL.

You know what I think should be added to the list? Sports publications mentioning the time Philly fans threw snowballs at Santa half a century ago. People HATE that.
What about the throwing of batteries ,beer and spitting on opposing teams? Not to mention how bad the field is on knees? Seems like writers nowadays just read stuff in wikipedia and use that , there is a lot to hate about going to play there but people that aren't even paying for a seat shouldn't care a bit ? I am waiting to see how this year goes after all the crazy trades and stuff , might be some good ammo there for me to lob at my Philly fan friend.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley

Fucking Eagles fans
I wouldn't call that a fight. That looks more like an assault.
I have been to Philly as an opposing fan and I had a blast. In Foxboro I have seen the Patriots fans act like total assholes. I have seen them berate fans and say the worst shit on earth to guy's girlfriends and wives knowing they have the numbers and there is nothing the guy can do about it. Stay classy New England.
I've heard Detroit fans are real dicks too. My Father's friend went to a Packers game in Detroit, he described behavior similar to the Pats fans. He said he was honestly fearing for his safety.

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