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Fries with that ?
Quote:Some enterprising pranksters recently teased tourists placing a “McDonald’s opening soon” sign in South Australia’s Simpson Desert in the middle of a national park.

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[Image: 177560-56849a10-4544-11e5-bc34-34ddf35a38db.jpg]
That reminds me of this:

[Image: Elmgreen_%26_Dragset_-_Prada_Marfa_-_Head_on.jpg]
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Wonder if it will be automated.
Quote:A McDonald's sign found in the middle of the Simpson Desert has become an unlikely outback icon.
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Quote:The sign saying "Macca's Coming Soon" was found by local park ranges after being erected in the name of art.

The sign has since fallen into the possession of Phil Gregurke at the Mungerannie Hotel, located half way up the Birdsville Track, in north east South Australia.

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