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Ovation Coming Back?
Listless Vessels!
Wat?  EVO frets standard on some of the higher end?
Listless Vessels!
Listless Vessels!
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I have two-and-a-half Ovations and like them all quite a bit.

The "half" part is my first guitar, which my parents bought for me back in 1985 or so. It's an Applause AA-31.

[Image: a7213c46547edf61c52ecba00e5e4e80.jpg]

Applause was owned by a company called Kaman, who also owned Ovation. At that time, Ovations were their premium brand, Applause was the budget brand, and there was also an intermediate brand called Celebrity. They all incorporated the bowl design. My Applause has the full-size bowl and can really throw some sound, along with having a deep, rich tone. This guitar is still my favorite to play outdoors (although the deep bowl tends to get in the way more than it did 30 years ago [emoji12]).

In 2005, Mrs BriGuy bought me my first Ovation for Valentines Day... one I'd had my eye on for quite a while. It was a 2002 Celebrity Deluxe CS257.

[Image: dddd71cd35c625f84bedd14b51a0129a.jpg]

This one plays like a dream and has a great preamp/pickup that makes this guitar wonderful plugged in... it's gorgeous too! The only downfall is the shallow bowl... it's comfortable, but the sound unplugged is a little thin and not very loud.

My final Ovation was purchased in 2007, a 2005 Celebrity Standard CC045 12-String.

[Image: 747c29c9dcc389e257f6b724f936dfba.jpg]

Not as fancy as the Celebrity Deluxe, but with a medium bowl and standard round soundhole. This guitar is quite loud, like my Applause, and has one of the easiest playing necks I've ever played on an acoustic 12-string. It also has the same preamp/pickup as the Celebrity Deluxe so it sounds great plugged in.

I've just always loved Ovations, but I would agree that there are other brands nowadays that sound better unplugged and easily rival the quality of preamp for plugging in. I was playing a PRS SE Alex Lifeson acoustic a couple weeks ago that gave me some pretty bad acoustic GAS. Sounded and felt like a Taylor, but with a $799 price tag.

Ovations, though, have kind of a unique sound compared to other guitars. Most others seem to be going for a brighter, sparkling tone, but Ovations are a little more bottom-heavy. With the medium or full bowl you get great projection and a bass rumble that you can feel against your body when unplugged... especially when it's one of the models that incorporates the multiple small soundholes. Even my shallow bowl projects more, fuller sound than other shallow-bodied (around 3") acoustics I've played.
You do the best you can with what you have to work with
I did some work on one for this asshole moron. The necks are attached to the body with a large bolt and it was loose plus it had been left stored in a place that had variant temps throughout everyday was lying in the sun. Truss rod some saddle work it turned out pretty well , guy is a tool and did not deserve the gift once again from all around good guy Chuck.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley

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