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Revisiting the Clapton Strat...
I got my old Clapton Strat (Lace Sensor era)out of storage a week or so ago - re-set it up, make sure everything works.  I guess its been 20 months or so since I've played it.

Its stock except for a stainless steel refret and neck pocket repair - the pocket was way too wide.

Neck shape is a very small V.  Its not uncomfortable -  I'd rather have something bigger but I can adapt.

The old Lace Sensors in that format are quite nice - they're rounder than normal singles, but the big difference is in how the bridge pickup sounds.  It sounds similar to my memory of an old EMG bridge pickup - not quite so sharp compared to a normal pickup.  Quack is excellent.  It can get a glassier sound with a little tweak on the TBX.  No need to use a compressor - its plenty compressed sounding on its own.

The output level is quite hot.  The preamp acts as a full range boost when the mid boost is not engaged.

The one thing I really like about a Lace Gold neck pickup is the way it compresses - its almost like it 'purrs' on a sustained note.

The mid boost - to me too much of a good thing.  Probably 3 or 4 is enough for me. There's lots of examples of Clapton running it full up out on Youtube.

Noisewise, as long as you're not close to a noise source, its quiet.  Lace's are not noise cancelling pickups, just sense a much smaller field.

All in all, a great different flavor of a Strat.  IMO, Its not for a guy who is considering it as an only Strat unless you want to consider mods.
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Can't recommend a Moses Graphite neck enough , will change the whole outlook. Only problem I have is it should come with a Tusq nut and Stainless steel jumbo frets at $369.00. Those lace sensors have a bunch of good sounds in them and the built in mod addons are just icing on the cake.
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I saw these online recently and seriously they look top and or notch.
The Hot Golds are a killer pickup if you want to use in a passive setup. Its a Lace gold with a stronger magnet if I recall correctly. Just get all 3 the same or use a Hot Silver in the bridge.

I've got a few necks lying around - 2 EJ sigs and a Warmoth fatback.

Now I have to get the gumption to re-install my FIshmans in another donor Strat.
Listless Vessels!

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