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I signed up for a new internet service that became available in my area recently. It's part of our new National Broadband Network [ NBN ].
I get the services via a wireless system which comprises of a transceiver and a modem. When I first had it all set up by the installer all worked fine. it did so for about the next five or six weeks. Then last week around Wednesday night it dropped out. Another local who also has the service rang me and asked if mine was working because theirs wasn't. I concurred that mine wasn't either. Later on the tranceiver box appeared to show it was good again. I went and tried to browse the net with no luck. I tried rebooting both the transceiver and the modem a few times to no avail. Still no internet. Later next day I spent an hour on the phone with an online tech trying to get it going with no luck. He came to the conclusion the modem was fructus. He said they'd send me a replacement which they did and it arrived yesterday. Later that night/morning I tried it out of annoyance and lo and behold it was working, I had net access. [ I still haven't figured why ]
I only got around to unpacking the new one today. Replaced the modem and the new one works fine. As I have to return the old one I thought I'll swap the power pack for the modem from the old one to the new one [ I hadn;t done so ]. Plugged it in , turned on the modem and nothing happened. Tested it with my Multi meter and it had no power coming out. I tried it in three diffrerent power points in case it was a bad contacting pin but no, it was still not working. Yes the power pack was D.O.A. so I've kept the old one and have packed the other with the returning modem and a note to the effect that the P.P. was D.O.A.

Fucking well floored me that the P.P. arrived like that, but in the words [faux pas ] of our EX Prime Monster
[ Minister ] " Shit happens ". huge grin
Who made the unit. I know our cable company has two tiers of equipment. You dont get the good stuff unless you are savvy enough to ask for it.
It's a new network. I was talking to the delivery guy when he came he asked me which company I was with. He said he has made multiple deliveries of repeat modems for at least three different companies/IP's here. A mate who lives in another state has had a similar experience and similar converstaion with the delivery guy. It's seems one or two replacements is common.

Quote:Who made the unit

"Channel Wall Technology " Made in China. Cheers

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