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You say that like it's a bad thing.
Someone should put that in their signature…
it's not, but it does make it hard to control seeing as there is currently no master vol.

The channel volumes, i can only really put up to below 1 when jamming with the guys. It starts breaking up and getting gritty at about 4. But I can't go that loud with the guys so I gotta use dirt pedals. Which is fine, my pedalboard is fantastically rich and warm sounding, but because the amp is so loud i don't get much opportunity to hear it letting loose and going nutso.
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anyway the mods list:

- Master Volume
- half power pentode/triode or tetrode/triode switch (maybe)
- Mid boost
- All tube gain boost - I am adding a 12ax7 in that empty spot on the chassis, and it will be used to inject a massive amount of gain. Might make it footswitchable so it'll be sorta like having a 2-channel amp.
- Slope resistor selector (Traynor/Soldano 47k, Fender 56k/Marshall 33k)
- complete tone stack overhaul - aside from the slope resistor i'm also changing values for the treble bypass cap and the mids/bass caps too. When i'm done, the tone stack will produce a signal that's sorta halfway between a Bassman and a Plexi. Very close to the Soldano tone stack but a bit different.
- NFB resistor selector (none, Marshall 10k, 27k, Fender 56k, Traynor 100k)
- Depth mod
- Adjustable bias
- Screen grid resistor selector (1.5k 5W/470 3W - allows me to use EL34 types and 6L6 types respectively)

- new power tube sockets
- new filter caps
- clean all the pots
- replace some of the old ass carbon comp resistors with new ones
- replace some of the old ass coupling caps and drain caps too.
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That is quite a bit of work , glad you know what you are doing.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley

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