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Ahh - 2 Things off the list...
Relic Tele - Back to the original brass saddles, notched so they don't pop out of line on the B and G (Its the one with the Parsons benders).  

I FINALLY (after over a year) put my Fishman Fluence Set in my old beater Strat that's been sitting downstairs the last few years.  Only tweak is I put a 2.4K resistor on the HF tilt to slightly lessen the effect (not sure if that's enough - time will tell).

I just did a line of sight setup on the Strat just to make sure everything worked.  Gotta say - just a Princeton on 4 was pretty sweet sounding with those pickups.  Might need to up that resistor on the HF tilt, but that will be the next string change.

I'll let some tension set on the neck overnight and start checking measurements tomorrow.  
Listless Vessels!
Best sounding Strat I have has the Fluence and I haven't grounded the HF tilt wire properly , that bridge pup is mighty bright in the standard wiring scheme.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
I'm a bit of an odd duck -

I like a bright stringy bridge pickup - fattened up with a little reverb and delay. Ain't so good for playing distorted though. That being said, there's a point of going too far.

Its been my feeling that there is a sweet spot between having the HF tilt disconnected and connected.

I might order a 15K pot to go in place of the resistor on the HF tilt.
Listless Vessels!
I'm getting close to a good balance - no real harshness. 

(EDIT) Actually, the bridge pickup is a little stringy and bright in comparison to the other 2.  Its behaving like a standard wired Strat - where there's no tone control on the bridge pickup.  That's the intention, I'm sure.  I can get on with it, but I'm not one to leave well enough alone.  huge grin

I think I have a fix for that.  I'll probably wire the HF tilt to the unused pole on the switch - 2.4K on the bridge and use another 2.4K resistor between the bridge position and the other 4 positions.  Should work with a 2 pole switch too, but you would need all of your connections (tone and volume on one pole) on one side and use the other side to vary the HF tilt.

I'm pretty stoked about the way this turned out.  

Anyway, here's a sorry pic of the victim...

[img][Image: 23840009732_f061bb93b5_z.jpg][/img]

Fender Japan made a fine Strat - This one's only real sin is the poly finish.  Neck is pretty chunky for a 60s style Strat.
Listless Vessels!

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