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I got given one of these today for absolutely nothing. It was missing it's power cord but that was a common style that uses the same style of cord for PC's of which, I have many.
[Image: Kustom%20KBA16X.jpg]

I left a freshly opened pack of cigarettes behind when I left where I was given it.

I gave it quck run . It works fine and sounds OK. I'll try it out a bit more over the next few days.
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Free is good ! A new toy to mod maybe ?
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Yeah, I've wondered but yet to look to see if there are any.
I figure I could use it with my new keyboard or my bass that I've had for years.
Had a bit of a play with it and the bass before, I need to do more. I had a fool around with the guitar in it earlier which a mate who was here videod a bit of me on his phone. He tried to send it to me but whatever program [ APP for you younguns] he recorded it with wouldn't let him do it.
That is a KGA 30 right? 30 watts has a 10" Celestion in it too apparently. One on sale on $129 and 40 bucks shipping .
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
KBA16; It's a bass version. 16 Watt.

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