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Well, The Tele Stuff Arrived...
In Today's mail...

The Barden bridge - Looks beautiful, not going to install it yet..  Typical Gotoh workmanship which has been impeccable to me.

Rutters Saddles from my stash on, also the .5 degree shim.  Looks nice...  .5 degrees is a BIG jump at the bridge.  Might want even longer height screws.  LOL.  I think Stew-mac should offer a .33.  Hell, I think I can do it but I'll makes a mess in the process.

No popouts, and the G will be even more solid when I get a new set of strings on - height/intonation is roughed in right now.

Might just want to go for the thicker Rutters bridge or Callaham plate.  Let's ride this for right now.

That's the 2 minute review.  I'll break away tomorrow and do a little fine tuning after things settle.

Stew-mac tapered shims
Barden Bridge
Rutters saddles.
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Stock pickup?
Yep - Stockers and the stock bridge plate.
Ok - Here's where I'm at:

Got a few things slowing me down - iPhone flakeout amongst one of them.
[Image: 24902804804_dfc8151531_z.jpg]IMG_0047 by imnothere2000, on Flickr

G string angle is going to improve for sure with restringing in the conventional way....  Its a good thing I'm taking things slow - the middle saddle was on backwards.

If I keep the Fender plate or use the Barden, I either would benefit from longer screws or make a washer for the strings to set on.  Could even shim the bridge a little.  Intonation screws also need to be trimmed - no biggie, got the tool to do that.  Nothing's horrible, the ends are just sticking up.  My opinion is now changing that the .5 degree shim is the ticket.

Maybe our guru might chime in with an opinion.  ;)
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Back together, restrung and pickguard re-attached.

Playability wise - I can't tell much difference. perhaps a little stiffer but its so minor, well... Not worrying about it. Action is my usual .065 on the plain and .070 at the last fret on an almost straight neck.

That neck pickup... I had Bardens in this guitar a long time ago - The bridge Barden was great, but the neck was a little meh vs this one. Should be one of the 1st versions of the twisted Tele. Its not the Barden was really meh - its just the stocker is that good.

Bridge pickup is fine - I'd like something maybe a little less err... output wise. I'll see how funds go in the next month.

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