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Sometimes the mugshot and the crime line up perfectly
Quote:A man who forgot his cellphone at a Marietta coffee shop was sentenced to 20 years in prison because of the phone’s contents, officials said.

Carl Alfred Iverson, 85, was already on probation for computer pornography when he visited a Starbucks in September.
He forgot his phone at the coffee shop.

Workers opened the phone to identify its owner and discovered pornographic photos and videos of children, said Kim Isaza, a spokeswoman for the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office.
[Image: Iverson.jpg]
Has that guy even got 20 years left in him?
I'd bet a prior customer of...

The Big Chicken! (LINK)

Disclaimer - eaten there several times in my younger years - Near the ol College.
Listless Vessels!
Why are weird ones always from Georgia? They make the rest of us look bad.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
I don't need them to make me look bad. huge grin
Listless Vessels!

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