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I'm going to KANSAS!
Show starts in 140 minutes. 

Because I said so. 
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Dr. Vegetable, lreese, treyhaislip
Have a good time...  Last time I went, it was a little flat...

BBQ joints were really good tho. WWE
Who's opening? Toto?
Someone should put that in their signature…
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So how was it ?
Who is left in that band?
Phil Ehart and Rich Williams are the only original members left I think.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
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Kansas in concert March 12, 2016 at Cypress Bayou Casino in Charenton, LA.

Kansas has been a fixture on the rock music scene since the 1973 release of their self-titled album. As with most bands with careers spanning over four decades, there have been some personnel changes. The original lineup was as follows:

Phil Ehart: drums
Dave Hope: bass
Kerry Livgren: guitars and keyboards
Robby Steinhardt: violin and vocals
Steve Walsh: keyboards and vocals
Richard Williams: guitars

For various reasons members have departed over the years, and all of the original members support the continuation of the band. Steve Walsh retired in August 2014, leading to concern about the band's ability to continue. The current lineup is:
Phil Ehart: drums
Billy Greer: bass, acoustic guitar and vocals
David Manion: keyboards (former lighting director for the band)
Ronnie Platt: keyboards and vocals
David Ragsdale: violin, guitar and vocals
Richard Williams: guitars

Look for the new album from Kansas scheduled for release in September 2016 entitled, "Prelude Implicit".

Back to the show. The band opened with the perennial favorite, Point of Know Return, from the 1977 album of the same name. From the first note the crowd was actively cheering and singing along. The band played with their typical finesse and precision. Ronnie Platt showed that he is capable of filling the void left by the departure of Walsh. His vocals matched the intensity and precision of the other musicians on stage.

Through the evening the band played songs from the first album through Drastic Measures. As expected, their breakthrough album, Leftoverture, was well represented, with the band performing five of the eight songs: What's On My Mind, The Wall, Miracles Out of Nowhere, Opus Insert, and a classic that will be discussed in a moment. For the acoustic portion of the show the group played Reason to Be and the popular hit Dust in the Wind. A complete set list will be given at the end of this article.

Reaching all the way back to 1973, Kansas performed the musically complex Belexes. As with the rest of the set the band performed flawlessly. Ronnie Platt demonstrated his vocal dexterity with perfection, and added keys in the instrumental passages.

Sparks of the Tempest was used as a closing number. As the instrumental outro section wound down, each member of the band ceased playing, revealing that the sound tech had looped their repeated parts. The band exited the stage with the song continuing.

The crowd demanded that the band return for an encore. As has been their practice for several years, Kansas finished the night with two of their biggest hits: Fight Fire with Fire, and of course, Carry On Wayward Son. From the opening notes of the first encore number through the end of final tune, the crowd was on their feet cheering their beloved band.

Overall, the night was a huge success. Each member of Kansas exhibited their virtuosity throughout the show, and the sound and lighting technicians did an outstanding job enhancing the band's performance.

It is noteworthy that the lead guitarist, Richard Williams, did not return for the encore. David Ragsdale covered the parts with ease, yet no explanation was given for the absence of Mr. Williams.

Set list:
Point of Know Return
What's On My Mind
Play the Game Tonight
The Wall
Reason to Be
Dust in the Wind
Miracles Out of Nowhere
Icarus (Borne on Wings of Steel)
Opus Insert
Closet Chronicles
Hold On
Portrait (He Knew)
Sparks of the Tempest
Fight Fire with Fire
Carry On Wayward Son

(pics to follow)
Because I said so. 
[Image: IMG_2065_zpsvutkujhr.jpg]
[Image: IMG_2064_zpsaghhaumw.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4230_zps9p7gadz8.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4228_zpstq4jv6pw.jpg]
Because I said so. 
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Dr. Vegetable
The one guitar player always looks like he's about to get jabbed in the eye.  huge grin

Cool pics, glad you enjoyed the show.
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Rich Williams is pretty great. There is a DVD Miracles Out of NoWhere documentary that is really good. Original members all play so does Steve Morse.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley

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