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My New Project
I'm kinda dreading this a little...

I scored a covered Suhr SSH+ for a really good price.  Downside is its a direct mount, but fixing that should be no biggie.

I got to figure this one out - but I already think I have a plan.  However if someone knows of a diagram, forward me the link.

I'm wanting series/parallel option on the bridge.
Always drop the bridge in parallel mode on the #2 position and combine with the middle.
The rest is standard Strat.

I'm going to need a concentric pot and a push pull.  Might as well just do a new harness while I'm at it.  
Listless Vessels!
Stacked, not concentric... Doh!
Listless Vessels!
Well, probably both.
Someone should put that in their signature…
I recommend installing some circuit breakers too, just in case...

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