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Behold the PIG!
I'd love to get a JTM-100. A quality clone will do.
Listless Vessels!
(03-30-2016, 06:46 AM)Oinkus Wrote: Easy on the pork references kids gee whiz. Not much variation in any of the sounds the guy makes with it either? I might have played one of these but I am not sure , had a guy in our music circle was in at Marshall in the 70s he got weird protoypes for testing at least twice that I know of.

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Quote:The Marshall Major (Model 1967; also nicknamed "Pig"[1]) was a guitar amplifier made by Marshall.

I'll be ........... The transformers for the Major are available. One could build their own.
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The marshal majors were discontinued due to a lack of available KT88's. Kt88s are back in production these days so there's nothing stopping one of these being made.
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except the demand for lower volume levels on stage....
Listless Vessels!
(03-30-2016, 10:45 AM)lreese Wrote: except the demand for lower volume levels on stage....

That's not going to stop making one. It might limit where one might use it.
Take 3 power sections, bridge them together and you have:


Jordan would buy it! huge grin I can just hear the sizzle right now!
Listless Vessels!
That's when you use transmitting valves.
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Quote:The pair may be run in push-pull to deliver 600 Watts of power with a couple of thousand volts applied to their anodes.
These examples have 26.5 volt filaments.
[Image: 813.jpg]

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