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New Build starting now
[Image: SANY0003%201.jpg][Image: SANY0002%202.jpg][Image: SANY0001%202.jpg]Started sanding the neck , getting the loaded pickgaurd today so I will finish that later. Can't seem to get it to play right on the first 3 frets on the low E , no amount of truss manipulation or nut shimming has worked.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
We have gotten stuff![Image: SANY0003%202.jpg] [Image: SANY0005%201.jpg] [Image: SANY0001%203.jpg] [Image: SANY0001_15.jpg] [Image: SANY0003_14.jpg] [Image: SANY0006_3.jpg][Image: SANY0007_3.jpg] Have to say it is the first set of Duncans I have bought this century but ti was the right choice. Mini Humbuckers with Alnico 5s just make a great Strat on steroids ! Sounds great everywhere , not sure if I can use the all 3 pickups setting much it is pretty thick and cluttered. Now to get it to play right. THIS THING SOUNDS FREAKING GREAT!!!!!!!!
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
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Looks like there is nobody interested in this gee whiz ? Just finished sanding the neck and put the first (hopefully last) coat of Tung Oil on it. Would have been better if I had just waited to get the cash and put Fralins in it , but the cheaper version of minis sound so good it is amazing ! At some point I will post some sound clips after I get it back and it plays the way it should. Beyond annoying not being able to get the strings to lie where I want them , action on the top frets is higher than I care for by a lot. Glad I spent a little time looking around the internet and didn't put full size humbuckers in this it would not be the same. Oh yeah the satin finish stuck to my hand yesterday when I got sweaty shame I couldn't leave it . Final report in a couple weeks
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
On the contrary.
Quote:The following 2 users Like Oinkus's post:
• Dr. Vegetable, GoldenVulture
Just don't pay attention to likes , generally you guys make comments too. Basically just bored with nothing to work on for a few days so I keep looking in here to see what is happening.Dern neck is absorbing the oil going to require a second coat , crud. Did I mention that is sounds REALLY good ?
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
I was wondering what you mean't by this.
Quote: Mini Humbuckers with Alnico 5s just make a great Strat on steroids !
As in : It does a great single coil sound or ....... ?
It sounds like a Strat but better really , bright and sharp but with more oomph ! It is wired 2 tone knobs so you can turn it down but I like all 3 pups until you get down to about 2 .Really like the 10 setting very much. It is hard for me to spend much time playing it when it is so off kilter in the action. This is what seems to be the key to me " Mini Humbucker Pickup with a high-carbon steel blade coupled to the bottom-loaded Alnico V magnet " I have some paperwork that came with it has some more details that I don't see on the site. Remember I ALWAYS have my tone knob on 8 at the max for the most part with humbuckers , goes back to me being young and stupid but that is another story. I am going to put 3 Fralin minis in the Vox SG C# standard guitar and wire it series/parallel then we will see if choosing specs or out of the SD box gets a better result ? Balh,blah,blah and etc...
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Here you go this is the head guy that builds the stuff at Sigler Music 920D pickgaurds I want to know how 10 people actually disliked this video WTF over ? This is about the 10th listen for me anyway I think mine sounds better because I have a Babicz or maybe it is just personal bias IDK ?
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
I have to report that Roddenny REALLY likes the sound of this guitar , coming from a Bass player that is something to me. He also really likes the matching Tele I built that has same paint scheme. He called and asked me to bring it to this week's jam which is crazy. Still can't get comfy with all 3 pups at once but the bridge and neck together is magical. Random posting , early AM ignore me.[Image: Roddenny001.jpg]
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
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(06-19-2016, 09:45 AM)Oinkus Wrote: Looks like there is nobody interested in this gee whiz ?

I am digging it I love the guitar. I might even lift your three mini hums idea for my next build. 

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