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Magic Mushrooms as medicine.
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Quote:MAGIC mushrooms have been used to successfully treat people suffering depression.

Patients were given a recreational dose of the active ingredient psilocybin, which is a Class A psychedelic substance.
Researchers found 25mg of psilocybin — equivalent to at least five shrooms — could fight off symptoms for more than three months.
Patients reported “mystical or spiritual-type experiences” as they “tripped” on the drug, scientists from Imperial College London report.
Study author Amanda Feilding said the findings were a massive breakthrough.
“For the first time in many years, people who were at the end of the road with currently available treatments reported decreased anxiety, increased optimism and an ability to enjoy things,” she said.
“This is an unparalleled success and could revolutionise the treatment of depression.”
The pilot trial tested the drug in 12 patients with moderate to severe treatment-resistant depression, meaning they had failed to respond to two courses of antidepressants.
They were aged from 30 to 64 and had suffered an average of 18 years of depression, with no history of suicide attempts or psychosis.
The six men and six women were given a safety dose of 10mg of psilocybin to check for unintended reactions before returning one week later to take the stronger 25mg dose.

I remain skeptical.

The article was a fairly biased review of the research article, which acknowledged that it was a feasibility study with a limited, non-random subject pool and no control group. They stated that the subjects had not responded to previous treatments. I want to know if they followed the prior treatment plans with fidelity. Psychotherapy only works if you put the effort into changing. Medications only work when taken as prescribed.

There was a surprisingly high ratio of folks with postgraduate education in their subject pool.

Then again, are mushrooms any worse than SSRI or SSNI drugs? Maybe, maybe not.
Because I said so. 
I can see it. I remember feeling pretty good for a while after a good shroom trip. Shroom trips are much more calm than LSD. The hallucinations are just as good if not better, but you don't feel all tense and speedy like Acid. It really has a bit of a calming effect.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
@GV. Are you advocating a similar medical trial in your country? If so, can you think of any candidates who might benefit from such treatment? ;-)
He hasn't found this place............... yet.

Why... NaThan! no, can't think of anyone. :wwe:

I like the smilies here.  :old:
We need a few more.

Apparently back in the 60's when LSD was used for Psychiatric Therapy, my home town of Melbourne was a large particiant in such things. They were rather dumb about how they went about it.
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