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Vintage amp restoration and Beyond
(05-17-2017, 10:33 PM)karpathion Wrote: I almost feel like you took what I said as a negative. Don't do that!

I say, " It sounds as it should," based on the comparison of my Windsor/2203. The comparison is me being a metal head. If I think KK, ballz out hits my brain. That's just my stupid shit. With my Pre around 7, and master at close to the same, I can play Big 4 and get away with it. Using that same amp, with the Gain dialed back to Plexi levels, it's so close on a recorded tone, it's scary!

47.3? That thing is close to 200W! You sick fuck! I can't use my 50W up, much less 200W stereo. I hope you have earmuffs...

Yes, earmuffs  that came with the chainsaw. huge grin
I seem to have ears that don't get punished by loud volume. They just seem to adjust to the SPL.
This amp will move air that you can feel if your in front of the cabinet. A bit like my 120 Watt stack used to.
In all the years of loud volume I've been amongst I've never suffered hearing damage.

200 Watts , yes some where in that area. I'm wondering if the new transformer will take full power.
I didn't get a chance to try it properly yesterday as I was out most of the day. Later today maybe. :toast:
huge grin Well this does what it should. I turned it right up today and fucked around for a while.
Objective achieved, it's fucking loud. :toast: The transformers didn't even get warm. It seems like it's a bit thicker in the overall sound range with the new O.T. Not as biting in the highs either.
7>10 on the pre has plenty more gain. The KK channel is like it's turbo driven.
The Vase channel doesn't have as much gain and it's tone controls don't seem as strong in their effect.
It comes up much cleaner and doesn't seem to drive the power amp as hard as the KK channel.
It will probably make a good clean channel.

I did have mild ear ringing when I finished but that didn't hang around long. I better use some protection in the future. :evil:

Time to dig up some effects send circuitry and build it in.
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I thought I'd try fitting the amp into the case after I had removed part of it to accomodate the valves. I discovered the new O.T. is taller than the old one. About 1/4" too much.
I solved the problem by remounting the O.T. from under the chassis. The hole at the mounting position was large enough to get the base plate through and attatch it to some other mounts I fitted. They came from some left over parts for a PC CPU cooling system. It had various bits to use depending on whether one was using an Intell or AMD CPU chip.

The amp fits in the head case now. I'm going to find and fit/make a metal mesh type of cover to go over the top of the valves.
[img][Image: IMG_1156_zps0bleno4o.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: IMG_1152_zpskfqsoerj.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: IMG_1149_zps7yg3gs0a.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: IMG_1159_zpspuc7mexq.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: IMG_1160_zpszly5pgkv.jpg][/img]
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The PC parts came from my upgrade to my DAW.
I've got a new MB for it  with an Eight core CPU@4.7Ghz, 16 gig ram @2133Ghz and a recommended water cooler for it.

[img=600x600][Image: IMG_1141_zpsvau8tvdq.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: IMG_1144_zps2aq4sw6k.jpg][/img]

It runs quicker, that's for sure. Quicker than the old 6 core @2.8/3.3Ghz.
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Trying to devise / decide on a circuit for the loop. I'm trying to merge two circuits together to give me In and Out level controls and a Serial /Parralell Switch. :scratchch:
My Randall has something similar to that, but I have 2 different loops. A series and parallel send/return, with no switch. They have shared controls for level and density, but it works pretty well. It pretty much does what your loop would do. It's very cool.

It also creates a neat little trick that a lot of people use with it. If you put a little jumper cable from the send to return, it gives an extra control on the amp. The level will act as a 3rd master volume, and the density control works with or against the gain, depending what you want. I use if for a sudo gain boost. But, you probably already knew that.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
GV it is looking pretty good.
(07-05-2017, 04:40 AM)Securb Wrote: GV it is looking pretty good.

Thanks Bruce. I've got a stainless steel cover coming for the amp shell, to cover above the valves where I had to cut some of the shell out. One of the farmer guys here has made it for me. He's a welder/metal worker by trade. He's just putting a final touch on it. It's perforated stainless [  Full of holes ] and quite thick and strong.  Once it's screwed on it will help restore the strength of the shell where I cut it.
[Image: IMG_1159_zpspuc7mexq.jpg]
I'm still trying to find the time to do a sound clip with the new O.T. in it.

Did I mention; It's Fucking LOUD ! huge grin
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Oh Great ! PB has fucked out most of the pics.
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I am pretty sure PB has pissed off most of the internet by now.
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