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Incoming NPD
I just pulled the trigger on my 1st Fralin.

9200 wind Twangmaster.

I thought I'd go with the box stock one now and see if I want to go hotter or not on the wind.
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You will like that just the way it is most likely , reminds me I should do the soldering on 2 guitars that have been laying around here forever.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Its been a very long time since I tried anything Wide-Range HB like...

But I was fortunate enough to have a Wide-range humbucker Tele in my hands a few times - 35 years ago!
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Well its here and installed...

After 5 minutes or so, its as advertised. Its Tele like, has that little bit of nickel cover roundness that I'm digging.

#2 Quack is there - a little different, but I'm expecting that.

9200 winds is about 8.2K, Single wire al a Gibson PU.

The bad - well had to reverse phase on my V60LP's. Don't like doing that but I want things to play well together.
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Spent a little more time with it - Definitely has a Tele Kerrang ™ going on. Sight unseen, you might say its a Tele if you heard it.

Plays well with the SC's. The TB's set right now to be a little louder than the single's.

No issues getting workable tones with distortion - I'd say its slightly bigger toned than a Tele PU, roll off the tone a little and you got it. Probably would be a even better hitting the amp with a Toob Screamerish pedal.

So far, its looking like a good option for someone who hates bone-stock Strat bridge tone (I like it myself) but has to have the #2 quack. Standard humbuckers don't do that very well IME.
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Lindey makes a hell of a pickup. My Fralin guitars are among my best sounding axes.

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