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Another NGD not for me
2012-2013 Mex Tele Fralin Blues Split Humbuckers , Locking Tuners , just setup and had frets dressed by Kenny . He is going to dress the frets on the new Strat and cut me a Tusq XL nut for selling these for him. Pretty dern nice guitar all around.[Image: SANY0004_7.jpg][Image: SANY0002_14.jpg][Image: SANY0001_14.jpg]
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Hmm - A coincidence you mention this.

Trying to decide if I can get over the look of the Fralin splits. What do you think of them? The demos definitely sound good.
Listless Vessels!
The whole thing is they are radiused , it gives a focus to the mids that is great. No idea how it has anything to do with looks but if that is important to you , you might want to use something else. They actually are made to go as close to the strings as is humanly possible which is just weird to me.They sound great to me with the mid focus , take distortion well and pretty much do the Gibson thing on a Tele while still retaining some brightness and bite. Somewhere in-between a humbucker and single coil. You can't go wrong with Fralins if you get them and they just don't seem to be what you want you can ship them back and get them rewound, change the magnets or whatever you want.(there's a 10 day grace period ?) Lindy is great guy and will bend over backwards to make what YOU want.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Ahh - I take it they aren't the box stock vintage (but noiseless) replacements. That's where I'd be going.

The demos seem to show a little less sparkle - I'm fine with that.

I can get along with a different look, but that config is just odd.

I guess I'll just shield the BPSSC ( I guess .005 brass stock would do and would be durable) I have and see what I get - then when I can send the guitar back to Suhr for a stainless refret see what they'll do. They screwed up the spec sheet on the SSC (Its supposed to have a built in one)- Hopefully they'll give me a deal on installing a SSCII.
Listless Vessels!
The are humbuckers and you can return them for tonal reasons for 30 days.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
And it goes away just like that, dagnabbit I wanted to molest it more !
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
What's the semi acoustic in the background ? That looks worth molesting.

[Image: SANY0002_14.jpg]
My Custom 335 ? Should be a Thread about it somewhere around here with everything done to it ? Was an Epi Deluxe , only used the wood cut the headstock and sanded it down.Or on another website
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
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I am digging the tele it looks punk as fuck
That is one smoking nice gitfiddle , guy came and got it on his lunch hour. He called me back much later and still has an ear to ear grin going on. Those split blade buckers are great sounding pups , they go from twang to metal and are good in the whole range in between. I want a dern white guitar !
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley

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