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Rack Upgrades.
Mark II:

[Image: 403f381b3e5ecd36a726368f2869e28f.jpg]
[Image: 0608c4df79694600d0a40e02321d2f06.jpg]
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Well - Seems some bluetooth issues seem to have reared their ugly head. I think its on the Mac side though. One balked at the USB connection so I don't know.

But she seems quieter, not dead silent, but quieter.
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The Bluetooth issues is my damn mac...  Seems shielding around the antenna is the fix, but I'm not ripping that apart.  Its actually time for a new Mac when the Mini is refreshed.

Its definitely got less undesirable noise.  

One trick I'm coming across with the triaxis - no presence, use the 2:90 for that.  A tad clearer.

Playing around with other compressor pedals.  The old version Diamond is nice, but really subtle - The Suhr Koji trumps it, no doubt.  Still don't like either with gain.  Its just me.
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Lee that is a nice layout. Most racks are a wiring nightmare but you have that looking good.
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Thanks -

All about simplification - I've got to get MIDI hooked back up, but that's not really an issue. Need about 3/4" space between the Eventides.

When I got it I was chasing the 80s/90s Laundau tones. I'm tending to tone that down these days. The TERC to me is the ultimate chorus. Still its nothing without the spice the PCM81 adds to it.
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