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My Stupid Redneck Mod of the Day!
Get a hold of 'dis:

[Image: 28076243962_938403605a_z.jpg]IMG_0068 by imnothere2000, on Flickr

Not the roller tree.look right behind the saddles.  Courtesy of Bass Pro Shops!

So, after putting the tree on, noticed a little less sustain and a still a lot of vibration on the bridge begind the B and G strings.  Hence the split shot.  Its tin, so no worries.  Seems to work nicely.

Get R Dun!
Listless Vessels!
[Image: 9f2eeb0e221b0f8d1cf270ee7e6c6c18aab77166...8ca55d.jpg]
You sir need a bender.  Then ye shall know...

It seems to add just a little punch to the B and G.  1's enough though - I added the 2nd for kicks.
Listless Vessels!
Us poor folks can't afford benders and besides they require skills we don't possess.Having sat 10 feet away from Albert Lee for an hour I know it is beyond me.Very nice work , especially if it fixes your issue !
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Well, it is the Bass Pro Shop after all...
Someone should put that in their signature…
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More in stupid redneck mods... Its a slow day at work.

Successfully lowered my nut on my Martin without fouling it up. How did I manage that? ;)

I took the Kimsey suggestions (.014 to .018) and added a two or tree thousandths. Its still a little high, but I'm going to lower the saddle on the next string change. I did use proper tools this time!

New project - a redneck 'Callaham" bushing... AKA teflon tubing.

Also splurged on an old fashioned coil cable. Lava - Get it with a warranty!
Listless Vessels!

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