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Spicy Ranch Crackers
My niece shared this recipe with me.  I modified it slightly for my purposes.  First the original recipe:
1 box of saltines (4 sleeves)
1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch mix (powdered seasoning)
1Tbsp crushed red pepper
1/2 tsp garlic powder (or more if you prefer)
1 cup of canola oil (I prefer olive oil)

The first step is the Most important step!
1. Soak red pepper in oil for THREE DAYS
2. Strain pepper flakes out (I do not)
3. Add ranch mix and garlic powder to oil
4. In a large tupperware (plastic box) line up crackers in the box and sprinkle oil mix on crackers.  Add another layer and repeat until box is full and all oil mix is used.
5. Seal (place lid on) the box.
6. Turn over every 30 minutes until oil is absorbed.  (this takes awhile)

My niece served these with a spicy pimento dip.  I eat them as a snack without dip.

My preferred variation: Use PRETZELS!  It works with twists, but I prefer the waffle pretzels.  I put 3-4 layers of crackers to separate the pretzels and help keep the oil throughout the box.

I store the finished pretzels/crackers in a gallon ziplock bag.  For the pretzels I'm mixing at the moment, I added a couple of Dragon Cayenne peppers and a couple of dried Thai chile peppers.  I split them before adding them to the oil.

I do not like ranch dressing.  It's an abomination used on far too many things that do not need it.  Yet the powder mix in this recipe makes it work.  Also, do not cheap out on the mix.  The store brands don't have the same flavor.

Because I said so. 
ahh - Named the recipe after my alter identity! :toast:

( the recipe sounds delicious)
Listless Vessels!
Sounds like a lot of work but worth it.
(08-11-2016, 05:55 AM)Securb Wrote: Sounds like a lot of work but worth it.

It's not much work, really. It makes a full box of crackers or a full bag of pretzels. 

I used Captains wafers and Ritz crackers as separators last night. 
Because I said so. 
The racism in this thread triggers me.

Trust me, I'm a medical professional. 
(08-12-2016, 01:32 PM)Big Flannel Wrote: The racism in this thread triggers me.


Eat your crackers!
Listless Vessels!

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