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I just had to do it....
That's kind of the beauty (and curse at the same time) of it. The other beauty is its slightly larger than an older laptop, footswitches and all. Way better than racking the old Ultra I had. No Midi controller!

I'm your basic clean Fender kind of guy. But I'll admit I like a good Marshall clean too! Dirt is OK too, but it soon grates on my ears.
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After a few weeks... I'll have to say - thumbs up, but...

Its not the traditional experience. Think of the result as like an amp in another room. Its better than the old Ultra I had - but even that sounded good as I remember.

The package is the big plus - downside is I want more CPU!
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Been procrastinating on this for a few weeks - haven't played much for that matter. Lots of work with the transition.

I pulled down the rack of doom and put it in the floor - my Axe-FX is the preamp now. Mono output into the rack, Stereo out. 2 AD/DA conversions, but I can cut that down to one if I utilize the SPDIF in on the PCM-81.

Well, that's a big improvement! Actually sounds relatively natural now - but under control.
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[Image: 29868537594_64524f3d28_z.jpg]
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That's a pretty cool rig.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
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I'd play that.
Because I said so. 
No , it is better then that.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Well - Fractal came out with another update...

Not to mention an updated model that's $100 cheaper. Its Chinese made though.

Only 1 model tried - A Princeton model with dual 10" speakers. Not a lot of tweaking - a little more treble, Switch to KT66 (Very subtle, but I just like that).

This time more real and in your face. I'm impressed. I might even get up the nerve to insult some ears again and put up some clips.

I really like the drive pedals, but for the reverb (havent tried this version) the PCM eats it for lunch and begs for dessert.
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How about 20 seconds of pure terror?

Didn't come out as clear as I'd like, but you get the picture.

Strat - AX8 (65 Bassman model with some 2X12 cab sim) Trichorus, Detuner then PCM81.

Warning!  have your earplugs ready!
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I'm making a newbie mistake...  LOL

Must be in the mp3 conversion...
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