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I just had to do it....
Evil :clap:
Because I said so. 
It's 50 seconds, not 20 :old:

That's a very 80's sound.
Yeah - I just wanted to twist the knife in the eardrum a bit!

The Chorus is a clone of a hard to find rack chorus from the 80s. Vaporware from Fulltone for several years.

Pull one of the modes out, add overdrive and its very Gilmour-ish from The Wall era. Sorta resembling an electric mistress, but its own thing.
Listless Vessels!
Almost made a dirty clip or two...  <snicker>

Listless Vessels!
Think I had that chorus in the 80s actually , had a giant ass rack full of crap that I left in a room somewhere. Probly had more then 5k worth of brand new gear in it
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Ok what about this hack?

I think more compression.  Then I need to put on a decent backing track.

A few changes from what I've been using - no different hardware.

Preset mode on the tri, detune.  Additional delay on the FX-8 and OD.  Used the blues OD model - Fulldrive was cool and would be good if they had the flat mids model modeled.
Listless Vessels!
Its been 6 months... I can't remember turning on any of my traditional amps in a long time..

Found a set of user presets that were sitting in plain view that are well - Fantastic. A little more real than the Fractal presets. The rack of doom is still getting regular use as the PCM 81 kicks ass all over the Fractal. I'd like to do another revamp and do a direct digital in to the PCM81. Maybe even direct digital to the Mac Mini.

Recently, getting to play with the Fuzzface model on said presets (mainly '59 Bassman). Its really good - Definite mod to Jimi. Got a tube clipping sim mode too. There's not quite the difference you would expect between silicon and germanium modes - goth very usable.

Another favorites are the BB Pre and the Fulltone sim. Tube mode of course.

Right now, the only downfall is simulating feedback is not so easy, but there's a hack to make that happen.
Listless Vessels!
Fuzz on a Bassman is heaven. I think a Bassman head is next on my GAS list.
I'm still leaning toward the Helix because I'm familiar with the L6 interface. I know it will be different, but I suspect familiar.

I've heard that the learning curve in the Fractal is severe. Also the Helix has an expression pedal.
Because I said so. 
No idea where I left my late 60s silverface Bassman ? The first pedal I ever bought in my life was a Little Big Muff that I used to push that thing into obnoxious distorted heaven !
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley

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