Sunday, September 19, 2021

Steam Decked

The Steam Deck has been released, and TJ and Scott are just excited about it. They're able to play indie games on a Switch-like device even though many of the same games on the Switch.

Nintendo’s New Switch

This week features the announcement of the Nintendo's new OLED Switch console... and people are not pleased, including the hosts. The news includes:

Aliens: Fireteam Elite out this August

For some reason, this episode did not upload properly. Hopefully, this re-upload will fix it. The news includes:

Virtual E3 2021 Recap

The bizarre streaming E3 2021 is over, and the guys discuss all of it. Yes, all of it. The conclusion they have is that Microsoft and Nintendo actually had something to say, and everyone else was basically unprepared -- for something they should have had months to prepare for.

Not So Legendary Mass Effect

This week's edition has Jonah being really down on the Legendary Edition of the Mass Effect Trilogy, and it has nothing to do with any sort of bugs. TJ empathizes, recalling his frustration with the remaster of Demon's Souls.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Studio is Making a New Game

This week's episode is full of rumors, which the crew try to parse.

Pokémon Card Scalpers are Ruining Cereal, Too

Can scalpers get any sleazier? Find out in this episode, as more exciting games are coming this year that the crew get hyped about....

Resident Evil Re:Verse Has Been Delayed

Lots of stuff is coming to Game Pass and platforms everywhere, as TJ enthuses about Ghosts 'N Goblins

Microsoft Buys ZeniMax

Episode 421: Microsoft Buys ZeniMax So, a day before the Xbox Series X preorder launch (which after the podcast was a complete shitshow), Microsoft drops...

#MeToo in Videogames

Episode 416: #MeToo in Videogames The latest sexual harassment scandal rocks, and things are not steady with the developer. Bad puns aside, the industry continues...

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