Ubisoft To Pull Online From Older Games

Episode 489: Gooey Episode This week includes a Gaming Flashback about the sticky puzzle game World of Goo, which was one of the first games...

MESA/Boogie: Announces New Subway D-350 Bass Amp

MESA/Boogie: Announces New ‘Subway D-350 Bass Amp’ Available Worldwide on MESAboogie.com Ultra-Compact, the New Subway D-350 Bass Amp is the Smallest and Lightest Bass Amp in MESA History

Maverick The Sequel to Top Gun An Evaluation

Tom Cruise, the film-making businessman, plays to his strengths in what is a quasi-Mission Impossible saga. This critic has no idea who the enemy...

Summer Roof Top Parties at Vivid Cabaret New York

Vivid Cabaret New York is the three story gentlemen’s club in midtown Manhattan famous for the city’s tallest stripper pole and the VIP balcony...

A Talk with DJ Lou Spinnazola of The Spin Room

Hotline to the Underground Interviews Lou Spin

New Promo: Aeon Of Awareness ‘Te Kore’ (Melodic Death Metal)

This Two Man Army was launched in 2020. At a time that confronts us with uncertainties and restrictions on various levels, it’s time to...

NFL Network’s 2021 Week 14 Saturday and Sunday Programming

Each and every weekend, NFL Network provides extensive programming on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, coverage begins at 7:00 AM ET with Around the NFL,...

Guitar Gear Review: The Sophia 2:92 Tremolo

These bridges from Hollywood, California, check a lot of boxes. Some bridges, while functional, have a very mechanical look. Others, while visually stunning, lack in function. Coherent Sound In Light has both bases covered along with others. Let us start with the look of this beautiful piece of hardware.

Guitar Gear Review: Paxton and Morris Guitar Straps

Not only are these straps sturdy and stunning they are also sustainable. Paxton and Morris have vegan options for all of their products, from guitar straps to pet collars. Yes, I could get my cat a collar to match my guitar strap.

Skatenigs – What Could Go Wrong?

Featuring the current core SKATENIGS crew of Owen, Chris Ahrens and Adam Lamar on guitars, and live drummer/studio bassist Myke Bingham, whom Owen calls "a one-man rhythm section!," the 13-track physical CD release will be followed by its digital 12-track streaming counterpart via Cleopatra Records on Halloween.

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