Monday, February 18, 2019

Guitar Gear Review: Mojotone BV-25M Speaker

Guitar Gear Review: Mojotone BV-25M Speaker

Obsidian and inXile Join Microsoft Studios

Videogame Roundtable Episode 353: Excelsior! The news cycle has begun to explode, as the holiday season looms and Black Friday in sight. Jonah and TJ...

Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PC in April

Videogame Roundtable Episode 352: Red Dead Arrival Jonah and TJ finally got to play Red Dead Redemption 2, and discuss how great it is and...

Red Dead Redemption 2 Leaks Tease Battle Royale Mode

VIdeogame Roundtable Episode 347: Red Dead Anticipation This week the guys have gotten back to talking about games from the past, as this week the...

Devil May Cry 5 Arrives in March

Last week's episode was delayed by Jonah producing a new show (The Jonah Falcon Show), then by the tragedy on Sunday, August 26. Now,...

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