Thursday, February 25, 2021

DBZ Dean Zelinsky Signature Humbucker Pickup

When Dean Zelinsky started DBZ Guitars back around 2008, he had an idea for a certain pickup. Seems that Zelinsky likes aspects of the...

VIDEO: GamingPodcast Plays Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

Gaming Podcast's Jonah Falcon and Shack News' T.J. Denzer do a totally-not-ripping-off-Zero-Punctuation's-Let's-Drown-Out video of the former playing Battle Chief Brigade Deluxe as they discuss...

HITMAN 3 to launch for PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store

HITMAN 3 to launch for PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store

Introducing Crystals Iconic Eventide H3000 Effect with Pitch, Delay & Reverb

Crystals excels at adding life to synths, guitar, and vocals

Upcoming Paramount Home Entertainment Releases

Upcoming Paramount Home Entertainment Releases

Netflix Reboot’s 80’s Comedy Meatballs with Kevin Spacey

Netflix announced today they would be bringing back Kevin Spacey for a reboot of Bill Murry's classic 80's comedy Meatballs. Though there was a...

Guitar Gear Review: Hathor Pickups Strat Classic Set

I have to say there’s a touch of sass in the Strat Classic bridge

Guitar Gear Review: Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa Skinnerburst Set

Bonamassa talks a little about the perceptions of value in this video

Review: The Invisible Man

Far removed from H.G. Wells 1897 book that it is based upon

Guitar Gear Review: DMT Nostalgia Humbucker Pickup

The Nostalgia character translates to chime and detail on clean amp settings and focus and presence on a dirty setting.

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