Sunday, September 27, 2020

Guitar Pickup Review: DiMarzio Imperium Humbucker Set

The Imperium set is a pretty interesting option.  If I were to have to place it in a lineup, I think I’d put it between the Crunch Lab – Liquifire set and the Illuminator set.

Guitar Gear Review: Mojotone Slammins Speaker Cabinet

More and more players are going to these smaller cabs for their home studios or for pairing with their Fractal Axe-Fx units in live settings.

The Show MUST Go On – A Guide For Surviving the Gigopacalypse!

If you play long enough, or often enough, eventually “it” is going to happen.  Something will go wrong that is a show stopper. 

Guitar Gear News: The Torch Is Passed At D’Addario

The D'Addario Company has announced that effective January 1, 2020, John D'Addario III, son of John D'Addario, Jr. and nephew of the current CEO,...

What To Look For – NFL Wild Card Weekend

NEW YEAR, NEW TEAMS: This season, five teams qualified for the playoffs after missing the postseason in 2018 – the BUFFALO BILLS, GREEN BAY PACKERS, MINNESOTA VIKINGS, SAN FRANCISCO...

End of a Decade of Videogames 2010-2019

Videogame ROundtable Episode 391: End of a Decade of Videogames 2010-2019 The last podcast of 2019 is also the last podcast of the 2010's, as...

Who the Hell is Chantel Jeffries?

Like every noncelebrity of her generation, Chantel Jeffries was the victim of a cellphone hacking. The hacking resulted in nude photos of the Instagram hotty being flooded to every corner of the Internet.

Pandora to Showcase Howard Stern Interviews: “19 from 2019”

SiriusXM, Pandora and Howard Stern today announced that Howard Stern: 19 from 2019 -- a curated showcase of selections from The Howard Stern Show's unparalleled, world-class interviews -- will be...

56% of People Enjoy Buying or Receiving Lingerie

Adam & Eve and, America's most trusted source for adult products, are always curious when it comes to sex. This month, they are back...

Best Butts Of 2019, Courtesy Of The Rick’s Cabaret New York Girls

Rick’s Cabaret New York, the upscale gentlemen’s club located in the heart of midtown Manhattan at 50 West 33rd Street, is known for its...

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