Drew Rosenhaus’ YouTube plea for Chad Johnson

scumbagIt was released last week, but I don’t think this is getting as much attention as it should. Magically appearing on YouTube is a video of Super agent (and super scumbag) Drew Rosenhaus pleading to the Bengals to trade his client, wide receiver Chad Johnson.

If you didn’t catch the “interview” it is posted below. It actually isn’t even an interview at all… it is a video that Rosehaus released himself directly to YouTube. And just when we thought the guy couldn’t sink any lower…


Actually, this is getting pretty commonplace for Rosenhaus clients. The difference with this situation is that the Bengals will allegedly take an $8M cap hit if they do trade “Ocho Cinco.” Cincinnati’s best option is to let Johnson sit out the year and not have to pay him anything.

As for the “2 first round picks” the Redskins supposedly offered the Bengals… I’m calling shenanigans. My money is on that being a “leaked” story by Rosenhaus himself. I realize the Redksins don’t put much value in draft picks, but two first rounders for a 30-year old undersized wideout is even a stretch for them.

One of these days the players are going to wise up and fire or not even retain this guy to screw up their careers. Teams are becoming less and less tolerant of him.

Good luck, Drew. You’re going to need it with this one.