NFL Week 3 Recap and “Beat the House” Results

Ed is laughing at you Charger fansWeek three came and went and was much more low-key than the previous two weeks… with a few exceptions (See picture to the left). The House has continued it’s horrible run of picks from last season, into this one, and only nabbed 9 correct picks in week three. The Membership emerged victorious, for the second time in as many weeks, with 12 wins. The Madden 09 Xbox 360 simulation tied the membership with 12 as well. The House falls three picks back, which could be deadly this early in the season. Stay tuned to see what happens next. The results to-date are:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 3: 9-7 12-4 12-4
2008 Overall: 25-22 28-19 28-19

The Challenge
Three House picks were disagreed with by the membership, and they were correct in all three cases. The House thought that the Arizona Cardinals could keep their hot streak going and improve to 3-0, but it wasn’t in the cards as they fell to the Washington Redskins 24-17. Game two was Detroit at San Fran, with The House picking the Lions… and was wrong. Detroit has now given up over 30 points in every one of their contests this season. Dumb pick. Finally, The House took a gamble on Green Bay in their own house against Dallas, but they proved to be no contest for the Cowboys. Three up, three down… The House drops a quick three in week three.

Since the House was Beaten one lucky member receives a DVD prize pack. First, let me give credit where credit is due… three TMR staffers are in the large group of contestants who picked 13 correct games this week. Congrats Gator, Franchise and Large Payload. Their prize is that they can call themselves affiliated with a fine organization such as this. The winning member this week is Yoda Ed. The force is with you, Yoda… we’ll be in touch.

game ballEach week we also issue a game ball to one of our members. Member CaKid actually tied Yoda Ed this week and on the overall leaderboard so he earns the Nerf Pro Grip Football for this week. Nice work guys.

Tune back in on Thursday morning to once again agree or disagree with the House’s NFL week 4 picks and predictions.

The League
All but three favorites won their games this weekend… but all three have some interesting stories attached to them. The biggest of the upsets this week was the Miami Dolphins bitchslapping the New England Patriots to the tune of 38-13. The loss marks the first time in 22 consecutive tries where the Pats didn’t come away victorious in a regular season game. David not only beat Goliath… he kicked the shit out of him. The beat-down was so bad that Rodney Harrison, the biggest cheapshot player in the NFL, was crying about Miami playing dirty.

I thought the Patriots would still be alright after losing Tom Brady, but I’m not so sure after this embarrassing blow. I predict we’re going to see Randy Moss revert to Raider form and take the season off until he gets Brady back next season. Without that offense clicking, the team is nothing.

Speaking of nothing, how disappointing is the AFC so far this year? The Pats are done, Peyton Manning is still not 100% and holding the team back and the Chargers are playing far from good ball… with the exception of Monday night of course. Each AFC division has an unbeaten team in it, but they’re not the ones you’d expect, and probably won’t end up being the division winner either. The Bills could be a team to watch, the Titans have been exciting and the Broncos needed some officiating help to get where they are. Pittsburgh looked to be the best AFC team by far, but the blueprint may have been drawn this past weekend on how to blow them out of the water. None of these squads will amount to a dominant team equivalent to what we’ve seen in recent years in that conference.

I know, I’m making all these judgments after only three weeks… but what else is there to do at this point?

Fantasy Land
Five touchdowns is a phenominal fantasy performance… but how many managers started Ronnie Brown this week? Probably alot more than the fourth-highest point earner this week… Brian Griese. He is only owned in 10% of all Yahoo-run fantasy leagues. Oddly enough, three of the top five point-earners were on losing teams. The rest of our fantasy studs in week three are:

Ronnie Brown
Runningback – Miami Dolphins
In 38-13 win over the New England Patriots
– 17 carries for 113 yards, 4 TDs. 1 Passing TD.

Reggie Bush
Runningback – New Orleans Saints
In 34-32 loss to the Denver Broncos
– 18 carries for 73 yards, 1 TD. 11 catches for 75 yards, 1 TD.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh
Wide Receiver – Cincinnati Bengals
In 26-23 loss to the New York Giants
– 12 receptions for 146 yards, 1 TD.

Brian Griese
Quarterback – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
In 27-24 win over the Chicago Bears
– 38/67 for 407 yards, 2 TDs, 3 INTs.

Brett Favre
Quarterback – New York Jets
In 48-29 loss to the San Diego Chargers
– 30/42 for 271 yards, 3 TDs, 2 INTs.

To review the Week 3 picks, visit the Beat the House main picks page. The week 4 picks and predictions will be up early Thursday morning. Make sure you get your picks in early to move up the leaderboard and get another shot at beating the house. Check in often, the board can drastically change over the remainder of the football season.

Stay tuned to see who will be named the Visionman Players of the Week and if any members have won the gaming PC this week. We’ll update you as soon as the players of the week are announced.

For all other NFL and sports updates, check out the TMRzoo Sports Zone.

See you next week.