NBA 09 The Inside Scores With High-Flying Hoops Action

video inside post NBA Titles Deliver Full-Featured Franchise Options, Deep Player Customization, and Introduction of ‘The Life’ Mode to PS3(TM)

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. (SCEA) announced today the North American release of NBA 09 The Inside available on the PLAYSTATION(R)3 (PS3(TM)) computer entertainment system, PSP(R) (PlayStation(R)Portable) system, and PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system. From Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) San Diego Studio, the development studio that brought MLB(R) 08 The Show(TM), NBA 09 The Inside provides fans with a comprehensive basketball game experience including character customization, unique gameplay modes and mini-games, and true-to-life NBA action in Full HD 1080p high definition. In addition to stunning graphics and realistic gameplay, a variety of exciting features such as Franchise mode, “The Life” on PS3, and an expanded Team Progression mode makes NBA 09 The Inside the most exciting basketball game franchise available.

“NBA 09 The Inside once again showcases the development talent at SCE WWS San Diego Studio and their efforts to create the best NBA game available,” said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President, Product Marketing, SCEA. “With new Franchise and The Life modes, unique mini-games, and high-def sports gaming action, NBA 09 The Inside delivers the most robust basketball gameplay available across the family of PlayStation consoles.”

For the first time on PS3, NBA 09 The Inside includes “The Life,” providing fans with a chance to experience the life of an NBA professional athlete as they deal with everything from interaction with teammates to earning endorsement deals for their performance on the court. This year The Life starts fresh, allowing players to control the paths of three different characters while guiding them through a variety of challenges in three distinct storylines. Players will have the chance to work their way up the ranks, including participation in the NBA Development League, in their quest for NBA glory.

NBA 09 The Inside for PS3 immerses fans in a full-featured Franchise Mode for the first time, allowing players to try their hand at running a team including the management of drafts, trades, and salaries. Additionally, team performance statistics are monitored and tracked on virtually every level. The highly acclaimed “Progression System” returns with Team Progression, where players are rewarded for game exploration and advancement by providing numerous customizable player options. This year, players will have the opportunity to create up to five custom progression players and utilize them in a number of modes including Franchise, The Life, and even online. The sights and sounds of the game will be delivered just like a true NBA broadcast with authentic calls from play-by-play announcer Kevin Calabro and in-depth color commentary from current NBA analyst Kenny “The Jet” Smith. Broadcast style overlays, newly incorporated in-game highlights, and dramatic cut scenes blend together to transport gamers into a slick and organic NBA-themed world.

For those who want to take their game on the go, NBA 09 The Inside is available for PSP, and offers the perfect combination of arcade and simulation basketball. The classic “Conquest” mode is back, allowing players to participate in a game of territory acquisition and management where awards are used to upgrade player attributes and home city amenities. “Elimiquest” is a new mini-game with an added twist, challenging players in the traditional Conquest mode but engaging in Elimination mini-game rules during play.

Carnival style mini-games also return to NBA 09 The Inside for PSP with a fresh look and new addition to the NBA franchise in “Alley Oop.” Alley Oop is a table top arcade game tied to a bowling mechanic and is played with the PSP turned vertically. Players will roll a basketball up an alley, running the ball through and around a variety of goals, multipliers, and pins. Additional pick up and play mini-games return including Give & Go, Bang the Boards, FastBreak, and Elimination. The game also features a “Pick Up” mode where players can choose from 10 randomly selected NBA players to take on the CPU or challenge another player in an outdoor full-court game.

NBA 09 The Inside for PlayStation 2 delivers non-stop action with a solid NBA simulation and 16 mini-games. The Life mode is also offered on the PS2 and gamers will have the opportunity to play as each of the five starting positions as they progress through each scenario of The Life. Players will experience enhanced gameplay which means more realistic shooting, dribbling, and core fundamentals, along with improved artificial intelligence and balanced individual and team defenses.

PlayStation has also partnered with VIBE Magazine for a special promotion as part of this launch. VIBE will be prominently featured on 250,000 units of NBA ’09 The Inside via an on-pack sticker. These specially marked games will include VIBE blow-in card offered in-pack featuring the cover of VIBE’s 15th Anniversary Juice Issue with Jay-Z. Buyers can mail in this card for a free one-year VIBE subscription. The stickered games will be in stores from October 2008 through March 31, 2009.

The independent Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) rates NBA 09 The Inside “E” for “Everyone.” For more information about the ESRB, visit